ONLINE or at your Location (The Netherlands)

The assessment of your current circumstance, and evaluation of conditions necessary for the achievement of goals, evaluation or risks, design of strategies and milestones. For any project you may wish you develop, to know the “IT IS NOW” situation is essential for the evaluation on how “SHOULD BE” and the design of the “BRIDGE” between how it is now condition and how it should be wished condition or goal.


Along an assessment process the customer takes part of the evaluation, through questions and answers. The first benefit is the customer perception and awareness on important issues will expand, new risks are perceived, potential opportunities predicted and new possibilities for solutions identified.

Assessment means an opportunity to solve a problem, a challenge, by identifying its real nature, through the use of tools that help our perception.


  • Professional Development – Effectiveness
  • Self-Management – Effectiveness
  • Strategic Leadership – Effectiveness
  • Business Start Ups
  • Corporate / Organizational – Effectiveness
  • SDG Entrepreneurship / SDG Integration
  • Organizational Matrix-Q Intelligence Tests
  • Corporate Immunology
  • Time Reversible Algorithms for Business
  • Business Culture Change
  • Mission Statement & Human Factor
  • Futurist Assessment – Prediction
  • Quantification of the Human Capital Value
  • Risk Management
  • Human Capital Burnout Risk


Between 1 and 9 sessions, according to case, 90 min skype/google hangouts session/ telf. session or meetings at our offices or at our customer’s venue.

After a process of assessment has been completed, suggestions for achievement of goals will be given.