• Assessment
  • Solution Design
  • Strategic Planning – Solution Implementation
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Documentation, Research Reports
  • Futurist Assessment
  • Quantification of the Human Capital Value – Recruiting
  • HSMƟ Consultancy supports you along the process of enhancing the effectiveness of your team, management and organization
  • The ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously (Matrix-Q Intelligence) can be developed/enhanced within an organization, team or by improvement of individual performance.
  • Holistic Strategic Management means to implement strategic solutions by taking in consideration multidimensional matrix of factors and variables, conditions, circumstances (systemic approach) that influence a business process.
  • A systemic perception tool is utilized for assessment, with 9 main classes of activities, tasks, responsibilities or functions that integrate the whole process of the organization. Later, after the organization of the whole aspects of the company in these 9 classes, we will proceed with assessment, design of the necessary strategies, project plan for the process of implementation, control and reports of progress.
  • The HSMƟ Tools for holistic strategic management utilize systemic, holistic and synergetic tools for the perception (assessment), organization, operation (decision making) with human, natural and artificial phenomena.Holistic means the whole [holos:totality] of the organization.