Expeditions [Multidisciplinary Research]

Multidisciplinary  Expeditions

Travel, Leisure & Adventure


  • 9+ Expeditions in Eurasia
  • Organization of a weekend or 9 days expedition
  • Includes:
    • Presentations on research results, novel technology developed, know how and applications.
    • Presentations on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations.
    • Leisure, culture and sustainable tourism activities.
    • Opportunities for research on field, volunteer, internship.
    • Courses and trainings.
  • At the moment only private tours and expeditions are organized. Please contact us for more details or request an online or at location the Netherlands presentation on the 9+ Expeditions in Eurasia

Online Presentation introducing the Multidisciplinary Archeology 9+ Expeditions in Eurasia

3 hours